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Nihat Böytüzün - UFTAA Türkiye Onur Üyesi

Name             : NİHAT BOYTUZUN
Nationality      : T urkish
Date of Birth   : October 3rd , 1930
Family Status  : Single , one daughter
Education       : Electric Eng.
Foreing Language : English
Military Service  :From 1956 to 1958 as a Navy Reserving Officer

Personal Background:

In 1959 established (Kamera Nihat Boytuzun) co.dealing with the following:

  • Tourism and Travel
  • Advertising and P.R.
  • Representation of Foreign Industrial & Commercial and oil exploration Companies in Turkey drilled 40 oilwells.

Tourism & Travel:

“Kamera A.Ş.” today , is the largest travel agency in İstanbul on water tours and acting as:

     *Tour Operator.

     *Water Tours Agency with two luxuriours Motor Yatchs and three sailing boats 45 years.

     *Founder of İstanbul Airlines and Greenair.

     *Owner – Editor of large monthly travel trade newspaper called ‘Travel Tour News’ , since 1984

     *Air India representative for Turkey since 1989 still on


Established ‘Kamera Advertising ‘established 1959 , which is now the largest company in Turkey dealing in outdoor advertising and billboards.Services are also available for radio , T.V. and press media.Kamera is the only Turkish International Adversiting Agency renting Stadiums in Turkey and Europe for soccer Games for panel advertising and T.V. rights.2005 September sold %60 share to Rupert Murdock’s news corp intl.

Other Information:

*Holding the Turkish Tourism Awards of honour 1987-1984-1994

*Holding the Chamber of Commerce high tax payee honour 1987

*Holding second-place honour in UFTAA 12th World Congress Trade Fair 1978 in Madrid

*Chairman of UFTAA World Congress held in Manila in 1987

*Board Director of UFTAA (Universal Federation Travel Agents Assocations)1987-1998

*Ex-Chairman of UFTAA Water Transport Committe 1992-1996

*Founder and member of TURSAB (Union of Turkish Travel Agents of Turkey)

*Chairman of UFTAA Promotion and Development Committe 1990-1994

*Award “Man of the Year”in 1986 in İstanbul –Turkey , by News Magazine

*Ex-Honorary Consul General of India in İstanbul and 12 cities from 1983 to March 1994

*President of Turkish Tourism Writers and Journilists Assocation 1994-1998

*Chairman of UFTAA World Congress held in İstanbul 1995 and 2000

*Chairman of airlines Executive fun club 1995

*Honorary Consul General of Republic of Maldives 1997-still on duty

*Honorary Consul General of Republic of Senegal1997-still on duty

*Honorary Board Member of UFTAA (life time) 1998 announced in Senegal UFTAA World Congress

*Readership Representative at the supreme Board of Pres Council of Turkey -2004 still on duty

*Holding High Merit Medal from Minister of foreign Affairs of Maldives

*Member of High Council of Fenerbahçe sporting Club (FB)

* Member of High Council of  İstanbul Sailing Club (IYK)

*Honorary Member of the Grand Club (Büyük Kulüp)

* Member of High Council of the Moda Sea Club (Moda Deniz Kulübü)

*High Comisary of the Tourism Investor Associaiton(TYD)

*Holding High Merit Medal from Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey 

OFFICE:+90-212-2417372 (Direct) OFFICE FAX:+90-212-230 36 97

HOME :+90-216-337 74 26   HOME  FAX:+90-216-336 58 37

FARM :+90-216-432 30 22   MOBIL 0532-214 05 64

E-mail :   kamera@tnn.net   -   senegalconsulate@tnn.net   -   nihatboytuzun@tnn.net

Addres:Cumhuriyet cad.No:257/3 Harbiye Şişli 34373 Istanbul - TURKEY

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